Whether you’re headed for an advanced degree or want to explore possibilities within one of today’s top growing industries, Career Pathways give you a head-start toward both college and career.

About Career Pathways
Why Join a Pathway?

Any pathway will give you the support, skills and resources you need to succeed in career, college and life. While still in high school, you can explore what’s really out there in a field of your choice.

Arts, Media & Entertainment
Discover practical applications of technology as you explore opportunities in the professional world. Explore animation, multi-media and media arts pathways below.
Mount Pleasant High School
Are you artistic? Do you want to do work that is both lucrative and creative? Develop core animation skills as well as the real-world professional skills needed to succeed in college and a variety of creative fields in animation.
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Visual and Commercial Arts
Santa Teresa High School
Even if you’re not sure if you want to pursue a career in art or design, the critical thinking, tools and leadership skills you learn are demanded by colleges and can be applied to real-world opportunities. Plan and execute design projects for the community, get access to local internships and regional competitions.
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Media Arts
W.C. Overfelt High School
Curious about what it’s like to work in the entertainment field? Learn the practical applications of technology through thematic, project-based learning and discover a variety of real-world opportunities available to you in the arts.
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Business, Marketing & Management
Explore a variety of business and technology careers while still in high school. Hands-on projects teach business and marketing fundamentals and require you to address the challenges faced by most businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond. Explore entrepreneurship and business careers pathways below.
Piedmont Hills High School
Whether you plan on pursuing an advanced degree or will be jumping straight into work after graduation, this Pathway gives you the leadership opportunities, knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Learn critical business strategies and put advertising, marketing and advanced computer skills to use in a real world setting.
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Business Careers
Silver Creek High School
Explore a variety of business and technology careers, test your skills in mock interviews and write a business plan that’s strong enough to compete in the NFTE Classroom Business Plan Competition. Get real-world insight as you address the challenges that most businesses face in Silicon Valley and beyond.
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Computer, Engineering & Science
Bring a concept to reality as you do hands-on projects, including building digital circuits and coding with Arduino. You’ll network, compete in national competitions and learn the basics needed for a career within aerospace, computer science or engineering.
Overfelt High School
Turn engineering theory into practice and bring complex ideas to life while you learn engineering basics. Hone the life skills needed for various careers and college degrees within aerospace, computer science and other engineering careers.
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Independence High School
Design, build and test prototypes while learning the basics needed for various careers and college degrees within aerospace, computer science and other engineering careers. Independence offers the only Introduction to Design class that gives UC approved Fine Art (F) credit. It also has the only aerospace engineering class with an emphasis in robotics.
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Construction & Architecture
Yerba Buena High School
Want to use power tools? Wonder what it’s like to read drawings and have the skills to bring them to reality? The Construction and Architecture Pathway at Yerba Buena High School gives you the technical knowledge and problem solving skills for a career in the construction field and success in pursuing life-long learning within the construction profession.
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Public, Health & Human Services
Develop and practice the skills needed for a career working with children and young adults while still in high school. You’ll get theoretical and hands-on experience in early childhood education and explore a variety of career opportunities, from education and day care to medical and mental health.
Health & Human Services
Andrew Hill High School
Take college courses while in high school that lead to certification as a nursing assistant, health aide or pharmacy clerk. Your English, Math and other core classes are taught with a specialized focus on the medical field. Discover a variety of real-world health science opportunities through job shadowing, internships and professional workshops.
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Oak Grove High School
Biotechnology applies scientific advances to create commercial products and services that enhance our world. The biomedical industry is growing rapidly and the demand for skilled professionals will continue to rise. In this program you’ll gain practical experience, from DNA extractions to using scientific equipment and performing research.
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Teaching Academy
Independence High School
Prepare for any level of college and experience real world opportunities in teaching professions or leadership roles. Work collaboratively with teams of students and practice professional level presentation skills.
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“I would say just go for it because it’s a really different experience, and it’ll give you a really competitive edge.”

Business Careers, Silver Creek

“I recommend you take the opportunity to participate in the pathway, because I believe it’ll make you more successful in your future careers.”

Health & Human Services, Andrew Hill


See our FAQ

What is the Magnet Program?

The East Side Magnet Schools offer specialty programs focused on one of the fifteen industry sectors recognized by the California Department of Education. As a complement to traditional course work, Magnets provide an innovative learning experience for students of the East Side Union High School District. Learn about the various programs offered.

Is the Magnet Program part of the regular high school?

Yes, the Magnet program is part of the regular high school and meets the Competency and Graduation Requirements of the East Side Union High School District. Students who complete these specialized high school programs get a head start on college, career, or military service.

How is attending a Magnet program different?

In addition to taking all the academic courses needed to graduate high school, students take at least two Career Technical Education (CTE) courses from their chosen pathway. For example, a student in the Visual and Commercial Art Magnet at Santa Teresa High School will take Visual Commercial Art 1, 2 and 3 as electives along with their regular academic classes.

What happens once a student is accepted to the program?

Once accepted, the student will be transferred to the Magnet school. For example, if the student is scheduled to attend Andrew Hill High School in the fall, but was accepted to the Business Magnet at Silver Creek High School, they will be withdrawn from Andrew Hill High School and enrolled at Silver Creek High School. Therefore, Silver Creek High School will be their home school where they will attend the next four years.

How can I have another program added at my school?

There are several factors that we have to consider when we start a new pathway at one of our schools.

  • 1) Our teacher must have industry experience in that sector and can obtain a CTE credential.
  • 2) Approval and support from the local administration.
  • 3) enough students will sign up for the course(s). We can only add another pathway to the school if all of these factors are met.
Who can apply to the Magnet Program?

All entering freshmen are qualified to apply to the magnet program.

My child is currently enrolled at one of the high schools (grade 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th). Can they apply to the Magnet Program?

No, the Magnet program is only offered to incoming freshmen.

Can a student apply to more than one Magnet Program?

No. Students can apply to only one Magnet Program.

How are students selected?

When there are more applicants than available spots, we use the lottery system.

Will my child be placed on the waiting list if they are not selected?

No, we don’t have a waiting list.

I have two children, one is already in the magnet program, can the younger sibling be added to the same magnet program as the older sibling?

No, all students must go through the same application process and be placed in the lottery, if necessary.

Does my child have priority if their older sibling is already in the program?

No, all students must go through the same application process and have to be placed in the lottery, as necessary.

If I turn in my application first, do I have priority?

No, it’s not first-come-first served. All applications will go into the same pool and, depending on demand, will pass through the lottery.

Will I automatically get in?

No. Depending on the number of applicants, many magnet programs need a lottery to select students.
Can I attend the lottery? Yes, once we receive your application, you’ll get a letter with the date, time and location of the lottery. If COVID-19 restrictions are not in effect, people are welcome to attend the lottery in person.

When will the application be open?

January 28, 2021

Is there a paper version of the application, and where can I get a copy?

You can get a paper version of the application at the district office. Stop by the Career Services Department at 830 N. Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95133.

When is the deadline to turn in my application?

February 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm

When is the lottery?

March 3, 2021 at 3:00 pm

If my student is accepted in the Marketing/Entrepreneurship program but decides later they don’t like it, can they drop out of it?

Yes, they may ask to be removed from the program, and they will then withdraw as a student at PHHS and will need to enroll at their home school.

If you live in the Piedmont Hills attendance area, can you still enroll in the Magnet program?

Your child would not apply for the magnet program. The term “magnet” is used for students who live outside the PHHS attendance area. Instead, a student who lives within the attendance area would become a part of the program, by enrolling in “Introduction to Business” as a freshman and continue through our course pathways. As a sophomore, when enrolled in “Computer Graphic Design,” their teacher will confirm if they want to commit at that time to the entire program.

How do I ensure my students gets into Piedmont if we don’t live in the attendance area?

You can apply to magnet and wait for the lottery to occur. If, at that time, your child is not selected, you can submit an Intra District form. If this is denied you can submit an appeal. There are no assurances that students who live outside the PHHS area will be accepted as PHHS is normally impacted.

If they have to take a “Magnet Course” every year, how will they have time for all the other classes they want to take?

By enrolling in the program, your child is committing to the program as a priority and the class will take up one of their electives for each of the four years at PHHS. But your child could supplement their academics with summer courses and community college courses as would be best determined when they meet with their academic counselors.

Find the Career Pathway That’s Right for You

Check back on January 28, 2021 to apply to a Magnet Program