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Santa Teresa High School

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Tan Huynh
(408) 347-6312

Curious about working in the graphic design and entertainment industry? The four-year Visual/
Commercial Arts program at Santa Teresa helps you develop the technical and leadership skills
that are key for success in the design world. You’ll plan and execute design projects for the
community and have access to local internships and regional competitions.

Even if you’re not sure if you want to pursue a career in art or design, the critical thinking, tools and leadership skills you learn are demanded by colleges and can be applied to most real-world

By the end of the program, you’ll have:

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  • A digital multimedia portfolio (logos, business card, letterhead, commercial designs)
  • Solved complex visual design problems
  • Composed music using digital audio software
  • Samples of websites created with multimedia content
  • A portfolio of digital animations and videos with audio
  • Used industry software such as Photoshop and Illustrator

Students who have completed the Visual/Commercial Arts Program have gone on to:

  • Attend art colleges, both in and out of state (CalArts, Pratt, San Jose State, Cogswell Polytechnic College, etc.).
  • Become working media professionals: graphic designer, media designer, product designer, mobile developer, market director
  • Run a business (both media and non-media related)
  • Become a community college newspaper editor-in-chief
  • Work as a PR director, media planner/buyer, etc.
  • Design business cards for their own cleaning business
  • Operate their own music recording studio

Grow leadership and technical skills as you engage with the professional world. Opportunities include:

You’ll learn the skills to succeed in a variety of careers in animation. In addition to earning BA’s or advanced fine arts degrees from major colleges, we’ve seen graduates work as animators, storyboard artists, graphic designers and more at:

  • Competing in local and regional media contests
  • Exhibiting work at San Jose Downtown Doors, Los Gatos New Museum of Art
  • Designing for local clients in real world projects (identity design, business logos, stationery, websites, etc.).
  • Designing for the school community in real world projects
  • Annual graduation cover design contest
  • Annual Honor Night program cover design contest
  • School Art Fair website

What types of certification can I get?

  • AP Credit for Visual Arts

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