Imagine combining academics with real world experience

in a field that intrigues you. Imagine discovering what’s really out there through specialized field trips, industry mentors, and internships. Imagine leaving high school knowing where you want to go and how to get there.
Whether you’re headed for an advanced degree or want to explore possibilities within one of today’s top growing industries, East Side Union High School District’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways give you a head-start toward both college and career. Immerse yourself in any of CTE’s pathways and get the support, skills and resources you need to succeed in career, college and life.

Highly Supportive

Dedicated counselors and collaborating teachers chart your progress.

Internship Opportunities

Network, learn and see what it’s like to work in a high-skill, high demand field.

Lifelong Skills

Know how to present yourself professionally and develop critical leadership and communication skills.


From CPR to CCNP and ACA, many CTE pathways allow you to earn industry certifications before you graduate.

Students in a CTE program are more likely to succeed in high school

A-G Certified

Many Pathway classes are University of California a-g certified, giving you a head-start on college.

Project-based Learning

Collaborate with your peers and transform classroom theories into real-world applications.

Free College Credit

Earn up to 15 community college units.

“School Within a School”

Share goals and take core classes with the same group of friends.

Real Industry Experiences

Participate in competitions, perform community service and meet industry professionals on specialized field trips, job shadowing, and more.

It’s Free!

Support from teachers is the most influential, reported 73% of students, followed by parents & other students

75 out of 100 of CTE graduates pursued postsecondary education.

A CTE-related associate degree earns $4,000 to $19,000 more a year than a humanities associate degree.

67-84% of students gain experience in technical & leadership skills, internships & job shadowing, and public speaking from their pathways.

90.28% of students agree that their chosen pathway is making a difference in their education

70-91% of students report significant progress in the 5 Cs – Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Community

89-92% of students enjoy being in a pathway and have positive connections with their teachers

Hands-on projects and connecting to industry professionals & colleges motivate 83-89% of students to stay in their pathways.

Gain lifelong skills, experiences and specialized knowledge.
Every pathway lets you explore what’s really out there in a field of your choice before you even graduate from high school. Apply now and get a head start on college and your career.