What if a program I’m interested in is not offered at my school?

If the program you’re interested in is not offered at your home school, you may apply to another school in our district where that program is offered. Students can apply each year during Magnet Night. Contact us today to learn when and where the next Magnet Night is.

What if I don’t want to be committed to that particular industry?

Even if you want to switch fields later on, you’ll still come out ahead. CTE will give you skills, experiences  and insights that any future program wants to see you do: leadership skills, real life application and experiences within the field. Joining any CTE program opens your eyes to what the future could be.

If I enrolled in a pathway would I still take other high school classes?

Yes, but in addition to taking the regular courses you need to graduate high school, you’ll enroll in industry sector specific courses that meet the California Department of Education and Industry standards for that particular sector.

For example: if you’re in the Computer Information Technology Pathway, you’ll take courses that introduce you to computer science, software and systems development and game and simulation design. You’d also take an in-depth course that prepares you for gaining a certificate or doing college level work.

Are there any requirements for students who want to enroll in a CTE program?

No. If you’re of high school age, you’re qualified to enroll. Note that due to popular demand and limited class size, when there are more applicants than spaces, we’ll need to hold a public lottery to see who gets in.

I really just don’t know what my career interests are yet. How can you help me?

You’ll be assigned a CTE/Academic counselor who can help you explore career options.

What about colleges or training after high school? Do Career & Technical students get into good colleges?

Yes. CTE pathways are integrated with your high schools’ A-G academic curriculum. If you successfully complete your pathway, you can apply to any California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC).

CTE pathways let you take college level courses while attending high school. This helps you get a head-start on continuing your education, whether that’s receiving CTE certification, an AA/AS degree, or a BA/BS degree.

I’m in the 11th grade. Is it too late to change or enter Career pathways?

Maybe. It’s best to choose your career pathway in your freshman year so you get the full benefit of the courses and career exploration opportunities. Some pathways may have requisite courses that could prevent an 11th grader from enrolling. Contact us for more information to see what your options are.

Gain lifelong skills, experiences and specialized knowledge.
Every pathway lets you explore what’s really out there in a field of your choice before you even graduate from high school. Apply now and get a head start on college and your career.