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Are you interested in media and the arts? Curious about what it’s like to work in the entertainment field? The Overfelt Multimedia Academy gives you an insider’s experience while providing a robust education. You’ll have access to high quality facilities, caring and knowledgeable staff, and the academic and professional learning opportunities that prepare you for college and beyond.

Learn the practical applications of technology through thematic, project-based learning and discover a variety of real-world opportunities available to you in the arts.

By the end of the Multimedia program you’ll be able to:

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  • Record audio from a variety of sources including voice field audio and instruments
  • Compose and produce original music using digital audio wordstations
  • Use graphic design to communicate using the elemants of art and principles of design in a vector-based software
  • Use a camera to capture and document images with proper composition and exposure for still images and video
  • Adjust photos and create photo manipulations using image-editing software
  • Create a film that incorporates DSLR video and still images, sound, music, and text inside of a non-linear editing software
  • Create a stop motion animation using designed sets, cameras, studio lighting, and non-linear editing in combination with sound to tell a story
  • Write a script and generate storyboards

Grow leadership and technical skills as you engage with the professional world. Opportunities include:

  • Field trips to industry corporations, including Autodesk and EA Games
  • WCO News Broadcast Live broadcast sporting events
  • Silicon Valley Creates Studio Symposium
  • Caesar Chavez annual competition
  • Martin Luther King Jr. annual competition
  • East Side 11 Photo Competition

Students who have completed the Multimedia Academy have gone on to:

  • Develop their own private businesses
  • Apprentice in their field through their training and connections
  • Become a mentor for current Academy students
  • Complete secondary education in vocational schools

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