Health and Human Services Academy

Andrew Hill High School

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Joanne Winterstein
(408) 347-4236

Interested in exploring the medical field? Get first-hand understanding of the professions in health and human services. Whether you’re expecting to pursue an advanced degree upon graduation, or to immediately launch your career, this Pathway gives you the education, skill sets and real-world experiences that look great on a college application or professional resume.

Throughout the program you’ll have multiple opportunities to explore the medical field and earn select certifications while still in high school.  You’ll also work with the same students and the same group of teachers, ensuring high levels of social and academic support.

By the end of the program you’ll have:

  • Identified a career path to pursue in the medical field
  • Had a secondary education that sets you apart in your college classroom
  • Completed 30 hours of volunteering or work-based learning in the medical field
  • Networked for future career opportunities
  • Opportunities to earn letters of recommendation, letters of participation, awards, etc.
  • Dual enrollment opportunities
  • Had the option to participate in the Certified Nurse Assistant program through Mission College, meaning you are ready to work as a CNA while still in high school

What types of classes will I take?

Your core courses (English 1 & 2, Science, and History) will be taught with a specialized focus on the healthcare field. There are also Career Technical Education classes such as Introduction to Health Science Preparation, Elements of Nursing, Medical Terminology (online, dual-enrollment), and Health and Lifestyles (dual-enrollment).

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What types of real-world opportunities do you offer?

  • Health Occupations Students of America, Future Practicing Physicians Network
  • Clubs such as Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), Future Practicing Physicians Network, The Pink Dot Club and Red Cross
  • Cross-curricular projects that focus on solving real-world problems that are related to the healthcare field
  • College Application and Preparation Workshops and Professional Skills Workshop (featuring guests who are leaders in their areas of work)
  • Conferences and competitions
  • Work experiences/job shadowing/paid internships
  • Field trips to colleges and universities
  • Guest speakers, including presentations by medical professionals
  • Professionalism workshop, led by local medical companies/organizations
  • Work-based learning in the medical field
  • Mass Casualty Incident drill, where students are put into first responder career roles and practice procedures that industry professionals utilize in mass casualty emergencies
  • Other opportunities (AHHS Medical Magnet)

Can I get college credit?

Yes, you can earn up to 15 units of college credits through dual enrollment with Mission College.  You can take college courses leading to certification as a:

  • Concurrent enrollment opportunity with Certified Nurse Assistant program
  • Dual-enrollment experience with an online college course with the Medical Terminology CTE course (11th grade)
  • Dual-enrollment and experience in a class cotaught by both a college instructor and high school teacher in the Health and Lifestyles course (12th grade)

What other types of certification can I get?

  • CPR certification
  • Blood pressure certification
  • Hands-only CPR training (and be able to train others!)
  • CNA license
  • Triage and emergency treatment and other first responder training
  • FEMA ICS 100 and 200 certification

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