Work-Based Learning Continuum.

Students use their classroom learning in professional settings. Experiencing the subject matter firsthand in the real-world engages students and gets them excited about their education. Work-based learning also lets students experience internships, mentoring and the types of opportunities that they need to thrive in the professional world.

Career Awareness

8th & 9th grade

Learning About Work.

Build awareness of the variety of careers available and the role of post-secondary education; Broaden student options.

  • Role Model Program
  • Classroom speakers
  • Online career related exploration
  • Field trips (general)
  • College visits
  • Industry themed class projects
  • Aptitude and interest assessments
  • Saturday Academy

Career Exploration

10th grade

Learning About Work.

Explore career options and post-secondary requirements for purpose of motivation and to inform decision-making in high school and post-secondary.

  • Career Fairs
  • Job Site Tours
  • Classroom speakers
  • College visits
  • Informational interviews with adults
  • Job shadowing
  • Industry-based projects
  • Mentorships

Career Preparation

11th & 12th grade

Learning Through Work.

Apply learning through practical experience that develops knowledge and skills necessary for success in careers and post-secondary education.

  • Compensated internship
  • Classroom demonstrations
  • College research
  • Career research
  • College & career fairs
  • Community speaking presentations
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume development

Career Training

11th & 12th grade

Learning Through Work.

Train for employment and/or post-secondary education in a specific range of occupations.

  • Apprenticeship
  • Work experience
  • Compensated internship
  • Resume development
  • College and job applications
  • Industry certification
  • Community job fairs
  • Leadership development activities

Teacher Experiences

  • Teacher externship
  • Teacher visits to industry
  • Professional development
  • Leadership Forums

Gain lifelong skills, experiences and specialized knowledge.
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