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Turn engineering theory into practice at Yerba Buena’s High School’s Engineering Academy.  We’ll help you bring complex ideas to life while you learn engineering basics and hone the life skills needed for various careers and college degrees within aerospace, computer science and other engineering careers.

We’ve partnered with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to create a 4-year engineering program filled with courses that are rigorous, hands-on and reality-based. At this high school for architecture and design, you’ll get the technical basics as well as numerous opportunities for networking, leadership roles and job shadowing in the tech industry. The Engineering Academy at Yerba Buena High School gives you the foundational education, tools and opportunity to solve real-world challenges and design electric hybrid cars.

Yerba Buena High School’s Engineering Academy teaches you to:

  • Use Autodesk Inventor Pro
  • Build and program VEX robots
  • Simulate, build, test and apply digital circuits
  • Build and code using Arduino
  • Build and code Microcontrollers using Boe Bots
  • Use the Design process and its application to the real world
  • Take a concept to reality

Rigorous, reality-based architecture and design courses means you won’t just learn engineering theory, you’ll put it into practice. At the Engineering Academy at Yerba Buena High School you will:

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  • use engineering and scientific concepts to solve design problems
  • use a state of the 3D solid modeling design software package to actually create your proposed solutions
  • document your work and communicate solutions to your peers and members of the professional community

Are there any prerequisites to attend this high school for architecture and design?

Although you won’t need to show any previous engineering knowledge, you will need to be taking college preparatory mathematics and science while enrolled in the Engineering Academy at Yerba Buena High School.

Will I get college credit?

Yes, all 4 Courses are a-g certified for University of California.

What kind of high school course work will I do in architecture and design?

  • graphic design
  • electrical/electronic engineering
  • civil engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • computer science engineering
  • robotics and project management

What types of real-world opportunities do I have outside of the classroom?

  • MESA
  • MESA Robotics
  • Job shadowing through MESA
  • Summer Internships
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