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Silver Creek High School

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Imani Butler
(408) 347-5692

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing,
DevOps, Internet of Things, Networking, Storage, and Wireless Infrastructure. This is just a
sample of the myriad areas of information and communication technology that not only drive
the economy of Silicon Valley but impact every industry and sector in the global economy.

Students in the Software and Systems Development Pathway prepare for careers related to
computer science that involve the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and
management of systems that rely on software programs to satisfy the operational needs of
modern business organizations.

Whether pursuing an advanced degree upon graduation or immediately launching into a
career, this Pathway gives you the knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences and exposure to
opportunities and people that will prepare you for a variety of post-secondary options not
only in IT but any industry.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

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  • Identified career path to pursue in the Information & Communication Technology field
  • Networked for future career opportunities
  • Completed numerous collaborative project-based learning opportunities and enhanced your creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Not only used, but designed and developed technology solutions including databases, information dashboards, websites, mobile applications and more
  • Leveraged your skills and positioned yourself for higher-wage flexible youth employment and/or freelance self-employment
  • Had a high school education that sets you apart in your college classroom
  • Earned at least seven industry-recognized certifications
  • Received college course credit

What types of real-world opportunities are offered?

  • World Series of Innovation to think of original ways to help solve big problems and help others
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship National Business Plan Competition to develop entrepreneurial mindset
  • Collect, organize, store, and analyze data to make insightful predictions
  • Cooper Hewitt High School Design Competition to design a solution to a unique scenario
  • Career insights and guidance from industry professionals and thought leaders in leadingedge technology companies
  • Exclusive, fun, action-packed field trips to leading-edge technology companies that provide a behind the scenes view how things work

What types of classes will I take?

In addition to college preparatory academic courses, you can take specific courses in:

  • Computer science and software development
  • Web development
  • Computer information systems
  • Business technology applications

What types of certifications can I get?

  • Cisco Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Adobe Certification
  • Everfi IT Certification

Can I get college credit?

Yes, you can earn up to 15 units of community college credits through dual enrollment with local
community colleges.

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