Software and Systems Development

Evergreen Valley High School

Pathway Contact

Sangeeta Bhatnagar
(408) 347-7000

Explore the software development and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in higher
education and today’s job market. The Software and Systems Development Pathway at
Evergreen Valley High School helps you collaborate with other students as you use strong
software development skills to find creative solutions to real world challenges.

Evergreen is one of the few schools to offer students four full years of Computer Science.
Many of our graduates leave Evergreen to continue their education in a range of prestigious
universities, from UC Berkeley to Brown, Cornell, and more. Whether you’re on track for
higher education or seeking to directly enter the workforce, the Software and Systems
Development Pathway prepares you for the outside world.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to successfully:

  • Create Java applications.
  • Make effective presentations.
  • Collaborate effectively with their peers to
    develop software applications.
  • Write product documentation including:
    ○ user manual
    ○ programming documentation
    ○ testing documentation

What types of real-world opportunities do you offer?

You’ll be introduced to:

  • Local hackathons – EV Hacks, LancerHacks, MV Hacks
  • Competitions – HP CodeWars, Lockheed Martin CodeQuest, Harker CTF Competition, Stanford ProCo
  • Field trips to various industries – Computer History Museum, Intel Museum, Tesla
  • College Recruitment speakers – Cogswell College
  • College Tours – Stanford, Santa Clara University
  • Internship opportunities at local companies through Work2Future Foundation

Will I get college credit?

Yes, the AP classes can earn college credit in several higher education institutions.

We’ll provide guidance and personal assistance to help you make a smooth transition to college using the credits you’ve accumulated toward your major.

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