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Get a jump start on college and career while still in high school.  The Information and Communication Pathway exposes you to business and technology careers, hones your leadership skills and offers the college preparatory academic courses accepted by the California State and University System.

In addition to earning college credit through dual enrollment, you’ll take career-focused courses in information technology and business. All course work is based on meeting real world demands and you’ll have a chance to earn industry-based Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco certifications.

By the end of the program you’ll be able to:

  • Pursue postsecondary study and/or careers in technical and professional technology
  • Create your own resume and business plan
  • Be prepared for the individual and group interview process
  • Prepare and present business models
  • Develop surveys to collect information about customer needs and wants

The Information & Communication Technology Pathway prepares you for a variety of career and college options. We’ve seen graduates go on to:

  • Attend UC, CSU and private colleges
  • Enroll in community colleges
  • Work for tech and business companies in Silicon Valley


What types of real-world opportunities do you offer?

  • Interdisciplinary real-world information technology projects mentored by industry sponsors
  • Motivational presentations from information technology industry leaders
  • Learning opportunities for development of mobile applications
  • Summer internships and other work-based learning activities
  • Job shadowing of industry professionals
  • “Careers in Technology” Day
  • Participation in hack-a-thons, hour of code, and maker parties
  • NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Regional and National Business Plan Competitions
  • Facebook Panel for Career Pathway Students
  • Field trips to Cisco, Intel, and other technology companies
  • Game Design Club & Entrepreneurship Club


Can I get college credit?
Yes, you can earn up to 15 units of community college credits through dual enrollment with local community colleges.

What types of classes will I take?

In addition to college preparatory academic courses, you can take specific courses in:

  • computer science and software development
  • web development
  • computer information systems
  • business technology applications.

What types of certification can I get?

  • Cisco Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Adobe Certification
  • Everfi IT Certification


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How do I enroll?
Visit [url needed] and apply online.  Note that due to popular demand and limited class size, we cannot accept late applications. When there are more applicants than spaces, we’ll hold a public lottery to determine who gets in.

Information and Communication Technology

Silver Creek High School

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