What’s so great about The Pitch?

Not only are you putting your skills and creative juices to work, you’re creating waves in the real world.

The marketing and video campaign you create for The Pitch showcases East Side’s Pathway Programs and brings more great talent to the school. You’re already tapping into your passion and accelerating your growth. Now it’s time to help other students find their own unique spark.

What will I get out of this?

As you develop your video and marketing campaign, you’ll work with industry leaders and understand which strategies best meet specific needs of a client. You’ll create original creative work with the goal of attracting a great new batch of students to participate in East Side’s pathways.

This real-world marketing program empowers multi-media students to:

Gain knowledge from industry experts

Work alongside an established Marketing agency and learn from industry experts.

Learn what it takes to create a campaign

Create videos from scratch and post to social media in a competition, simulating real life marketing and social media strategy.

Experience and create a real world impact

Your work will reach and influence students and families outside of the district and may shape how people think about their future.

The 2022 Pitch Award Ceremony

More details coming soon. May the best video win.

You’ve gotten the most clicks. You’ve made the most talked about video. You’ve even generated enough fame to cause a double take. But you earned more than bragging rights: winners also get some cold, hard cash.

We’re looking for videos that shine a creative light on the East Side Career Pathways. We expect campaigns that make students and families and local news stations sit up and take notice.

The annual Pitch Award Ceremony recognizes the video and marketing campaigns that stand out for being extra creative, extra viral, or just plain extra.

The community will bask in your glory, but those $$$$ cash awards are only for you. Your creative brain earned it.

Learn more about the competition

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