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Oak Grove High School

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Tara Coburn
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Define your path for success while still in high school. As an academy of hospitality and tourism student, you’ll have access to industry mentors in hospitality, business or tech and will attend core classes with the same group of dedicated students. Together you’ll collaborate to solve complex real-world problems, get feedback from industry professionals and attend numerous field trips and events.

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Oak Grove High School offers leadership training, communication skills, and core technical education so you can be prepared for success in career and college and beyond.

By the end of Oak Grove’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, you’ll have:

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  • Created a business plan, resume and online portfolio
  • Learned the foundational skills for starting and running your own business
  • Honed your presentation skills in front of large audiences
  • Job shadowed and networked with business professionals in tech, hospitality and more
  • Competed in national contests to solve real problems for real companies 
  • The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Oak Grove High School prepares you for success in a variety of fields. Since 1991, we’ve seen graduates:

    • Work for major companies such as Google, HP, and Marriott
    • Work for political leaders, major Silicon Valley hotels and companies
    • Run their own businesses
    • Go to colleges such as Santa Clara University, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and San Francisco State

    What types of real-world hospitality and tourism opportunities do you offer at Oak Grove High School?

    • Local/State/National Contests
    • Industry Connections
    • Job shadowing/Interview/Summer Job Placement
    • Specialized field trips to Monterey, San Francisco, and Disneyland

    What types of classes at the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Oak Grove High School?

    You’ll do project-based learning units in hospitality’s core courses:

    • 9th grade- Pre-Academy (in a cohort with academy teachers)
    • 10th Grade- Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
    • 11th Grade- Hospitality & Tourism Management (NFTE Class)
    • 12th Grade- Marketing Hospitality & Tourism (NFTE Class)
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